We stock many new, pre-owned, and
consignment rifles and shotguns.  We have
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Huge Selection of Long
Guns- New & Pre-Owned
We are an Authorized Dealer for
many manufacturers.  If we
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Seecamp .32acp Pistol
Made right here in MA now!
Picture from when we first opened.
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Current Consignment Inventory
This list constantly changes
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Colt                1911 MKIV             .45                1Mag, Manual
Colt                 Lady Colt              .380ACP       1Mag
Colt                 Lawman Mark III    .357               *Out of State Only*
Glock              17                          9mm              Pre-Ban, 2-10rd Mags, Case
Glock              23                         .40Cal            *LE/Out Of State Only* Gen4, 2
HK                   45C                      .45ACP          2Mags
HK                   VP9                      9mm               2-10rd Mags, Case, Manual
HK                   VP9                      9mm               Gray, Night Sights, 3 Mags
Kahr                PM9                     9mm               *LE/Out Of State Only* Like New,
Mauser            HSc                      7.65mm          *CR/Out Of State Only*
Rossi               88                        .38Spl             *LE/Out Of State Only*
Ruger              22/45 MKIII           .22                  1Mag, BSA Red Dot Sight
Ruger              GP100                 .357                 Manual
Ruger              MKIII                     .22LR              1-10rd Mag
Ruger              New Model           .22LR              Single Six, Case, Manual
Ruger              SR9c                    9mm               2Mags
Ruger              SR40                   .40Cal              2Mags, Box
Sig Sauer        P220                    .45ACP            2Tone
Sig Sauer        P220                    .45ACP            1Mag, Streamlight TLR-4 Laser
Sig Sauer        P239                     9mm                1Mag
Sig Sauer        P239                    .40Cal              1-7rd Mag
Sig Sauer        P239                    .40Cal             1-7rd Mag, Tru Glo Sight Set
Sig Sauer        P938                     9mm                1Mag
Sig Sauer        P938                     9mm                1Mag, Box
Sig Sauer        P938                     9mm                *LE/OOS* Engraved, 2Mags,   
                                                                         Case, Holster
Sig Sauer        P938                     9mm                1Mag, Case, Manual
S&W                469 ‘Mini’              9mm                 2 Mags
S&W                5946                     9mm                *LE/Out Of State Only*
S&W                629                      .44Mag                
S&W                M&P9 2.0             9mm                 Apex Al Trigger, 2-10rd Mags,
                                                                        Trijicon HD Night Sights
S&W                M&P9                   9mm                *LE/Out Of State Only* 1Mag
S&W                M&P9 Shield        9mm                *Not MA Ok* Apex Kit, Warren
                                                                        Tac Sights
SWD WC         M-11                    7.65                 2-10rd Mags
Taurus            PT99AF               9mm                
Walther           P22                     .22LR                Target Model
Walther           P38                      9mm                *CR/Out Of State Only*         
                                                                        2Mags, Holster


Remington       700                     .308Win            Mossy Oak Camo, Scope
Ruger              M77 Hawkeye      .300Win
Ruger              Precision Rifle     .308                 2-5rd Mags. Muzzle Break
Savage           1899                     Sav.303
S&W                M&P15-22            .22LR             *LE or Gunsmith Work Needed
                                                                         1-10rd Mag  
Winchester      94AE                    30-30


Benelli              M3 Super 90        12G                Box
Iver Johnson    Single Shot           16G
Kel-Tec            KSG                     12G
Mossberg         600A+                  12G
Remington       870                       12G                Fully Rifled
Remington       870                       12G                Vang Comp Model, Full Tac
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